Off Road Motorhomes

“A 4WD Motorhome offers you true and total freedom to stop anywhere and everywhere.”

The true go-anywhere 4WD Motorhome designed and built in Australia.

Amesz Mitsubishi Canter 4×4, Long Wheel Base (3380 mm):

Mitsubishi Canter 4×4 cab/chassis 6.0 tonne with a 2.15 m wide and 4.5 to 4.7 m long module. An excellent all round off road motorhome. Great for general around Australia touring, including Cape York, across the Top End, the Gulf, Kimberleys, Bungle Bungles or Tasmania etc. Its compact design allows good off road ability and access.

Amesz Mitsubishi Canter 4×4, Short Wheel Base (2780 mm

Mitsubishi Canter 4×4 6.0 tonne cab/chassis 2.1 wide and 3.7 m long module. The ultimate off road motorhome. Sand, mud etc. little will stop this suberb compact off road machine, especially when fitted with optional super single off road wheels. Less comfort but superior off road travel. The Amesz Canter 4×4 is decked out with the latest kitchen appliances. We have rigorously worked with Kitchen Reviews Direct to ensure that this particular model is capable of catering for the needs of every family; whether you’re a juicer fanatic or a toaster oven lover. We have purposefully fitted this model with a top of the range food processor to ensure that you’re always able to chop, grind and blend food on the go!

Amesz MAN 4×4 Motorhomes:

Short and Long wheel base (from 3.56 up to 5.5 m) MAN 4×4 chassis from 13.0 to 18.0 tonne 2.3 to 2.5 m wide and 4.7 to 8.0 m long modules. The largest of our range. MAN off road 4WD trucks are arguably the best purpose built off road trucks in the world, offering superior comfort, exellent power to weight ratios, fuel economy and better travel space. Fitted with powerful turbo/intercooled diesel engines, super single off road tyres, differentials locks on all axles, used by many military forces around the globe they offer excellent mobility. All motorhomes are equipped with the latest kitchen appliances.

The advantages of a 4WD Motorhome:

Only with a 4WD Motorhome one can achieve total freedom in the bush. Being able to stop where ever and when ever you wish is the great dream of many. There are no concerns about parking your trailer or van elsewhere when the going gets tough or 4WD is required. Everything you have is with you. There are places in the Australian outback where towing a trailer is prohibited, or a great drawback. It is like dragging an anchor through sand or mud! Areas like the Canning Stock Route, where one crosses up to 800 sand dunes, trailers or caravans have no place. While in other areas a caravan can be a great liability. Within the Bungle Bungle and Kings Canyon National Parks, caravans are banned. Yet one can spend three to four very relaxing days in these idyllic bushcamp surroundings. A well built and prepared 4WD Motorhome will access these areas.

The Amesz Quality Assurance:

Amesz Design Pty Ltd new model 4WD Motorhomes are ready for on and off road touring. Being compact, tough and highly mobile, they have been specifically designed to traverse rugged terrain and cruise comfortably all day on made roads.

At Amesz we pride ourselves on producing 4WD Motorhomes that are built with great care and stringent quality control, ensuring all structures and fittings are over engineered to meet the demands on each vehicle in the outback. These proven 4WD Motorhomes will take you in comfort and safety to any 4WD destination in Australia.