About Us

Amesz Design Pty Ltd founders, are of Dutch/German descent and made their first acquaintance with Australia during the 1960’s. With extensive experience in marine and mechanical engineering, and commercial equipment maintenance the company began operating outback travel safaris through the Australian outback in the early 1970’s The company became successful in adventure tours, offering worldwide individual travellers unique destinations. For their role and achievements in Western Australian Tourism, they won awards, including the Sir David Brand medal for Individual Contribution towards Tourism in 1984.

Within the company framework of Amesz Design Pty Ltd, the outback tour programme utilized a number of innovative and unique off road 4WD and 6WD vehicles. These ranged in size from 1.0 to 15.0 tonnes, and included Bedford 4×4’s, Landcruisers, Landrovers, Pinzgauers 6×6’s, Mercedes Benz 4×4’s, Custom Carrier 6×6’s, Oka and Mitsubishi Canters. Vehicles used were either military specifications or civilian types.

During this period the company frequently designed and built their own off road buses and trailers. The first 6WD Landcruiser in Australia was an Amesz Design innovation! The company was able to cover millions of kilometres over some of the roughest and toughest terrain , evaluating what equipment was best able to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions.

Today, the company no longer operates outback tours, but concentrates solely on building off road coaches, buses, motorhomes and equipment. The company designs and builds large 4WD equipment exclusively. Offered are 4WD air conditioned buses and coaches ranging from 12 up to 38 seats in both standard and luxury versions. It also offers Motorhomes, from 6.0 to 18.0 tonne, build on 4WD trucks from Mitsubishi Canters to MAN. Fully self contained these feature restrooms, numerous optional equipment such as solar and entertainment systems.

Amesz Design Pty Ltd designs and build its range of 4WD Bus & Coach and Motorhomes from an extensive background experience and knowledge of the Australian bush, its conditions, climates and harshness. Vehicles are built with a high degree of quality control and technical perfection ensuring a product that is strong, reliable and durable. The company stress tests certain structural components to ensure compliance and quality control. Amesz vehicles offers a complete concept that combines the greatest possible safety with your or your clients personal standards of comfort.

All 4WD Bus/Coach and Motorhomes are fully compliant with Australian Design Rules guidelines and standards.

We work with organisations such as the Trans Personal Academy and Mirador Wealth Management to ensure we consistently deliver value.