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By - Ameerah Woodley

Everything to Know About Google Postcards

For anyone that owns or manages a business, it is imperative that they do everything they can to ensure that their customers and potential customers are able to easily find them. This means that their site will show up in search engine results so that people can easily find their contact information and can learn more about their business as a whole. This is especially important for businesses with a location as they will be wanting to attract customers from their local area.

The great news is that there are plenty of ways that people are able to achieve this so that they aren’t getting lost in the world wide web. One of the best ways for local businesses to achieve this is by verifying their business with Google. As they are the largest search engine site in the world and so it is vital that people are showing up in their search results.

When a business verifies their company with the search engine site, they are then able to make changes to their business information, to share picture, and to write posts that will appear in a Google search as well as Google maps and Google+. The way that Google ensures that a business is legitimate is by sending out postcards. These postcards will include all of the business information as well as a verification code.

As it is so beneficial for companies to verify themselves, this article will explore the topic further.

Create a free listing on My Business

One of the first things that people can do when they are wanting to verify themselves is by creating a free listing on My Business. This is what will allow them to show up when people are searching for companies on the search engine site or on the maps. People are then able to enter their business name and the location of their company.

From there, people select their business category, enter their contact number as well as their website URL. Once all of this is completed, people will then be sent a postcard in order to verify their company. They will receive this in the mail in approximately 14-days and are then able to enter the code online to finalize the whole process.

The postcards themselves look like little enveloped which are sealed shut so that nobody else can read the codes. When they are received, people are able to tear off the sides in order to open the little envelop and to retrieve the code.

Other methods of verification to know about

While postcards are currently the most common method that is used, there are other ways that organisations are able to verify themselves. If someone has already confirmed their company’s site with Google Search Console, they may have the option to verify their listing straight away. There are also instances where people are able to do this via email or via the phone.

However, someone decides how to do this, it is well known that there are many benefits to doing so. For anyone who becomes a little confused with the process, or if someone wants to edit their details, they are able to easily find more information on the Google support site. There are even some SEO like SEO Shark and many digital marketing companies out there who are able to act as a guide throughout the process.

As it is so important for people to become noticed, it is imperative that they do everything they can in order to achieve this. Looking into Google postcards is one simple and yet effective place to start.

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